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Why is a steam clean approach preferable to alternative methods? There are many reasons both practical and environmental.

First, we are committed to cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals. Our powerful steam cleaner lifts and flushes dirt and germs using a combination of hot water and a “greener” carpet cleaning solution. Your treated carpets are safe for contact with your pets and little ones after service.

Second, the powerful suction on our steam cleaner removes nearly all water from your carpet, enabling you access to your home or business after just a couple hours. Your convenience is our priority.

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Even though carpet cleaning makes up the bulk of what we do, our steam cleaner also works wonders on many other surfaces. Our desire is to take care of the dirty jobs that you just don’t have the time or inclination to tackle.

Cleaning your floor


Kitchen floors, bathroom floors and showers often consist of dingy tile that’s frustrating to clean thoroughly. Dirt and germs build up (especially in the grout area), and it may seem that only chemical treatment and intense scrubbing make any improvement. We are happy to say that our steam cleaner works wonders on tile and grout without the need for harsh chemicals. You will be amazed at how refreshed your tile surfaces can look after a good steam cleaning.


At Clean Machine USA, we understand that even the nicest furniture needs a facelift from time to time. Sticky fingers and pet paws wreak havoc on any upholstery. And once they’re set, stains can be next to impossible to remove without professional equipment.

Our steam cleaner is extremely effective at lifting out stains and pet marks. A good steam clean will bring your furniture to life again, regaining color and freshness.

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We believe strongly in the services that we offer at Clean Machine USA. Our technicians are the best in the business. We know that you will be satisfied with the end results, so call us today for a free quote!

Carpet Cleaning

One of the common objections to getting floors professionally cleaned is the disruption that doing so can cause to the household or business. People have had bad experiences in the past, and we understand that. But we also want you to know that when you choose Clean Machine USA, you’re choosing a high-quality steam cleaning process that has some pretty stellar results.

One of the benefits of choosing steam cleaning is that the process has a fast carpet drying time. Your carpeted floor will be merely damp when we finish cleaning, and it will be dry within hours of treatment


If you’ve not worked with us before, you may be wondering how what we claim could be possible. If so, you must have experienced a different form of carpet cleaning in the past. Some processes, like carpet shampooing for example, leave floors much wetter than we do, leading to longer dry times.

Let us explain the process we use and how it gets such fast drying time results.

Our steam cleaning method uses very hot water to clean your carpet fibers. The use of this hot water produces steam, hence the term “steam cleaning.” But the steam is just a byproduct of the process. The real workhorse is the hot water.

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Hot water and pressure alone are enough to get most of the dirt and grime out of your carpet fibers. In addition to this, we mix in a small amount of cleaner, greener cleaning product, which helps to release deep set stains and odors.

Then it’s time for the last step in our process. Our powerful steam cleaning machines extract nearly all the moisture out of your carpet fibers (and the dirt and gunk along with it). When we have finished, your floors will be slightly damp rather than wet or soaked. After a couple hours, they will be dry, and you can resume normal activities.


At Clean Machine USA, our technicians pride themselves in their quality work. They know their flooring types and what to do differently with each type. Every interaction is conducted with professionalism and care. We service all types of flooring in all sorts of settings, whether residential or commercial.

If you’re ready for a professional floor cleaning with a fast carpet drying time, let’s chat. Contact us today for a quote or consultation.

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Carpets are fibrous havens for dust and dander to collect in, and a simple vacuuming won’t remove everything that gets into a carpet. For a more thorough cleaning that addresses dirt, allergens and more, steam cleaning is the treatment needed.

Steam Cleaning Activates Advanced Detergents

Steam cleaning carpets works by injecting high-temperature steam and advanced detergents down into the fibers of carpets. The steam and detergent penetrate the deepest crevices of a carpet, and they thoroughly clean the entire carpet as they penetrate.

While steam is used in steam cleaning, the steam itself doesn’t actually clean the carpet. Instead, the high-temperature steam acts as the catalyst that activates the advanced detergent. It’s the detergent that actually cleans the carpet.

Cleaning Without Any Leftover Residue

Importantly, the type of steam cleaning offered by Clean Machine is a kid- and pet-friendly method of removing dirt and allergens. Although advanced detergents are used during the process, these particular detergents leave no residue behind. In fact, they’re recognized as EPA Safer Choice detergents that are safer than the alternatives.

Remove Dirt, Allergens and More from Carpets

By using an advanced detergent, steam cleaning is able to clean a carpet far better than other methods will. Not only will dirt, dust and dander that have settled in the carpet be removed, but the technique can also remove finer particulate matter like allergens.

For anyone who suffers from allergies, the removal of allergens can provide noticeable relief. Many allergens, including pollen, pet dander and others can accumulate in carpets, and people regularly breathe those allergens in unless they’re removed.

Get Your Carpets Steam Cleaned

To have your carpets professionally steam cleaned, schedule an appointment with us at Clean Machine. Whatever type of carpets you have, we’ll be able to get dirt, allergens and more out of them so that your carpets look better and you feel better too.