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EPA Registered Cleaners

The Importance of Proper Cleaning and Disinfecting

Maintaining a clean living and work environment is always important, and this is especially true now. In order to keep your family, employees, and customers safe, you should use disinfecting services that contain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered chemicals.

What are EPA Registered Cleaners?

As part of the government’s efforts to reduce risks to its citizens, the EPA activated its Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides for the first time in January 2020. Under this guidance, manufacturers can provide the EPA with data showing that their products are effective against viruses that are hard to kill. These products are referred to as EPA registered cleaners.

What’s more, some of these products can be effective against the latest viral threats. This is a list that was updated again in early March, and continues to be updated on a weekly basis as new information on sanitation emerges. Within the list are also frequently asked questions and helpful tips for the proper use of these disinfectants.

Finally, in July, the EPA began expediting applications for addition of electrostatic sprayers to products to kill pathogens. Electrostatic spraying works by combining air with a special solution and using an electrode to charge the spray. This creates positively charged particles that are better able to locate and stick to surfaces. This technique has drawn heavy lately because fogging machines such as these are an effective way to disinfect large indoor spaces.


Clean Machine USA Provides Quality Disinfecting Services

With three years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Clean Machine has the cleaning and disinfecting expertise you need for your home and businesses. We have experience providing disinfection services to all sorts of locations, including hospitals, casinos, office buildings, schools, and more. Our comprehensive disinfectant application programs, which address proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols in areas with antibiotic resistant pathogens, can be used in any public environment.

We provide cleaning and disinfection of high traffic touch areas to best ensure your safety. To sanitize your space, we bring in our fogging machine to mist even the hardest to reach areas. The disinfectants that we use are all hospital grade, coming directly from the EPA’s list, which means they have passed EPA mandated tests to kill certain pathogens that are difficult to kill. They work in compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines by wetting the surface and allowing contact time to kill disease-causing organisms.

Your safety is our priority. That is why we use EPA-registered cleaners to offer optimal sanitation, and we also offer spraying processes such as electrostatic spraying to clean areas with many surfaces. We strictly adhere to CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment (PPE) usage and social distancing, so you can trust that we care about the health of everyone involved.

Schedule Your Cleaning and Disinfection Today

As the world slowly starts reopening and returning to normal, it is critical to use the most effective cleaning chemicals and practices to the ensure safety of your community. Using EPA registered cleaners is a great way to keep you, your loved ones, and your business safe now and in the future. To learn more and to get your surfaces professionally sanitized, contact Clean Machine USA to schedule your cleaning and disinfection today. You can find us at multiple locations across California.