Home Disinfecting


Home Disinfecting

Keep Your House Clean and Fresh with Home Disinfecting
Keeping your house sanitized is always important. Studies have shown that having a disinfected environment to live in improves your mental wellbeing and in turn provides better physical health. That rings especially true these days. Why not look towards home disinfecting to keep you and your loved ones safer during these trying times?

Clean Machine’s Quality Home Disinfecting Services

We offer you the disinfecting services that you never knew you needed here at Clean Machine. With accumulated knowledge and know-how in home disinfection services to all manners of houses and apartments, we believe we can address your concerns and sanitizing needs with our regimen of disinfecting.

How do we go about it? For disinfecting, we use a fogging machine. This machine dispenses EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectants. Because it produces a fine mist, it gets into all the nooks and crannies, killing pathogens wherever they are to be found. Additionally, we’ll pay special attention to high traffic areas, like light switches, door knobs, stair rails and other commonly touched items.


Using EPA-Approved Methods

In accordance to the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides, a newly launched program by the EPA, we follow the agency’s guidelines on pathogen disinfecting and remain up to date on any changes in the developing crisis. Activated in January 2020 to help protect Americans from viral threats, we believe it’s our duty and responsibility to adhere to such guidance to provide the best environment for you.

What does EPA methodology entail? These guidelines require the use of surface disinfectants to kill pathogens. While they were instituted in January 2020, they were updated once again in early March with a new list of disinfectants designed for use against the latest viral threats. At Clean Machine, we keep a close watch on the most effective EPA-approved disinfectants as well as the continually updating guidelines so that we can provide you with the most exceptional service possible.

Part of these guidelines also include personal protective equipment (PPE). When we come to your home, our technicians are fully equipped with all the required PPE, not only to safeguard our workforce, but to keep your family safe, too.

Why Choose Clean Machine?

Now more than ever, you need a disinfecting service you can trust. We stay up to date on the latest news and emerging regulations so that we can help you keep your home happy and healthy. We’re a leader in disinfecting services across a variety of industries, including residential disinfection. You can expect a thorough job that ensures the safety of your household to the best of our abilities. This type of disinfecting goes deeper than what you can do with the products normally available to homeowners. The equipment and disinfectants we use are hospital grade, which means you’ll receive the same level of service that you’d expect in an emergency room or similar facility.

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional details about all of the services we offer.

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