Office Disinfecting


Office Disinfecting

Disinfecting Your Office for the Safety of You and Your Workforce

Even before recent events, disinfecting your office was a necessity that not many observed. Offices are a communal space where people spend many long hours, which increases the risk of transmitting disease or other pathogens. Nowadays, it’s all the more important that you disinfect your office to keep yourself and others safe and happy.

What Does Office Disinfection Entail?

There are a few steps that we take when disinfecting your office. Among other things, we focus on the high-traffic areas, such as elevator buttons, door handles, office utilities and amenities. With our fogger, we are able to cover all of these areas and more–including things like mice and keyboards, where bacteria can reside for long periods of time.

We also take care to go room-by-room to make sure that your office receives a thorough disinfecting. This includes not only cubicles, but office space, conference rooms, common areas, restrooms and more.

Our team here at Clean Machine is ready to assist you. Read below to find out how we can make disinfecting easy for you.

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How Clean Machine Disinfects

Our equipment is specially designed for your disinfecting needs. To complete a full office disinfection, we use a fogging machine along with specialized disinfectant products. We only use EPA Safer Choice detergents, as certified by the EPA themselves. They are a healthier and safer alternative than most regular disinfecting products, and they are certified to kill even the toughest pathogens.

Using EPA Standards to Protect Your Office

We take our disinfecting seriously, and that means following the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides. Activated in January 2020 and spearheaded by the EPA, it is a newly launched program from the agency. Designed to help protect Americans from bacterial or viral dangers, we ensure that we stay to date on these guidelines so that we offer you the best disinfection service possible.

We Offer Whole-Office Disinfection

With fogging, it may sound like a basic service that only covers the most prominent surfaces. However, our fogging machine is an electrostatic sprayer designed to help us disinfect everything, from top to bottom. This even includes ventilation ducts, which may require sanitation just to reduce the risk of spreading contaminated air.

In addition to boosting sanitation, our services leave your office space safe and ready to go. In fact, our disinfecting works immediately, which means that once we have finished fogging your office space, workers will be able to return to work immediately. What’s more, we make sure that our employees are equipped with EPA-recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to best protect our workers and yours. Count on us for prompt and courteous service.

It’s high time that you disinfected your office, whether it’s because it’s overdue for a sanitizing or to prevent the spread of pathogens. Feel free to contact us today for any questions or to schedule a disinfecting session. Clean Machine has your health in mind, and we want to provide you with the best services we can.