Carpet Cleaning



At clean machine, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality carpet cleaning in the region. Serving Ontario and surrounding neighborhoods, we provide a full service steam cleaning that will have your carpets looking like new.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Our advanced steam cleaning technique uses high-temperature steam to activate advanced detergents, which are what actually clean the carpet. These detergents penetrate where dry carpet cleaning techniques (like vacuuming) can’t reach, and they remove everything from dirt and dust to pet dander and allergens.

Importantly, our advanced steam cleaning system doesn’t leave behind any residue even though detergents are employed during the process. In fact, we use only EPA Safer Choice detergents that are recognized as being safer for pets, kids and everyone by the federal agency.

carpet clean
carpet clean

Additional Cleaning Services

In addition to steam cleaning carpets, we’re also able to assist with tile and grout cleaning. If your kitchen, dining room or hallway floor has stains that just won’t come out, let use bring in the heavy equipment and get your floor looking like new.

Excellent Customer Service

As much as we’re focused on cleaning carpets and tile, we recognize that simply getting a floor clean isn’t all homeowners and building owners need. That’s why we prioritize customer service above all, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you and your floors are well taken care of.

Serving Ontario and Nearby Areas

Based in Ontario, we serve about a 30-mile radius from where we’re located. Our trucks regularly go out to Riverside, Redlands, Moreno Valley and other nearby neighborhoods, and there’s no extra fee for traveling within our normal radius.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

If your carpets need a thorough cleaning, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll soon have your carpets looking great again.

carpet clean