Oriental Rugs Cleaning

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Oriental rugs add class to any space and can last for generations when properly cared for. This ancient textile art dates back thousands of years and has distinct variants throughout Asia the Middle East. Every true oriental rug is hand woven, a painstaking and intensely manual process.

Given the time and effort that goes into creating oriental rugs, you want to be sure to take good care of yours. Regular cleaning is a part of this process.

Clean Machine USA can help you keep your Oriental rugs clean. Read on to learn more about this process.


When you entrust your oriental rug to us, we’ll take great care of it. Before your rug can be deep cleaned, it first must be dusted. We’ll take great care to carefully shake loose excess dust, dirt and dander. Once the surface debris has been removed, we move on to the washing stage.

Washing an oriental rug is more complicated than just tossing it in a washing machine. For one, oriental rugs are too large and stiff for that, but even if they fit you wouldn’t want to clean such a delicate textile this way.

Instead, we use a very gentle steam cleaning method on your oriental rug. We use hot water mixed with a gentle cleaning solution that’s safe for oriental rugs. The combined power of hot water and cleaning solution along with gentle suction will release and remove dirt, grime and dander from your oriental rug.

We take care to make sure your rug dries safely and in a way that won’t damage the floor underneath, too. When you trust Clean Machine USA to clean your oriental rug, you’re getting high-quality work and attention to detail.

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One question we sometimes hear is “why?”. Why bother professionally cleaning oriental rugs at all? Can’t I just clean it myself at home?

Here’s our answer to questions like these: Of course you can take some steps to clean your rug at home. You can shake or beat out your rug to remove dust and loose debris. You may even get your rug looking cleaner using other tools, like a vacuum. (Please understand we DO NOT recommend experimenting with home cleaning methods on your rugs!)

But it’s nearly impossible to get your oriental rugs fully clean with home equipment. For a deep, safe clean, you need a professional touch.

Ready to get your oriental rug professionally cleaned? Contact us for a free quote.