Water Damage Restoration

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Whether it’s the result of a natural disaster, busted pipe or appliance failure, you can count on us to respond quickly to any type of water damage situation. We dedicate ourselves to being on call 24 hours a day and responding to your emergency situation in minutes – not in hours or days. Because when it comes to a water damage situation, we know the further it goes untreated, the more severe the damage has the potential to be.

Water Damage Restoration to Industry Standards

When you call us to respond to your water loss, we always provide steps that you can take until we arrive to help control the damage and keep occupants safe. When our professional, certified techs arrive on-site, we’ll first conduct a thorough assessment of the conditions and assess the damage, presenting you with a detailed plan on how we’ll return your property to a pre-loss condition. From there, we’ll start restoring the property per industry standards so that you can have your home back.

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Professional water damage restoration is a several-day process that may include:

  • Pumping out water from the property and extracting excess water from carpeting and carpet padding (if applicable).
  • Removing porous building materials (i.e., drywall, carpeting, carpet padding) if necessary.
  • Removing items (i.e., clothes, hard goods, electronics, etc.) and administering contents restoration best practices to salvage as many affected belongings as possible.
  • Deploying professional equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers to thoroughly and adequately dry the property.
  • Monitoring and validating drying progress.
  • Administering antimicrobial products to eliminate the risk of subsequent mold growth (if necessary).
  • Reconstruction (i.e., drywall, carpeting, etc.) if any building materials had to be removed during the drying process.
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As an added bonus, we’re also happy to work with your insurance company to help process any claims that are filed following the water loss. We’ll also help identify any underlying issue within your home that may have contributed to the water intrusion so that hopefully an incident like the one you’ve experienced won’t happen again.

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A flooded property can be a stressful situation beyond just the damage done to your home. But when you work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that your property was restored correctly, and the industry’s best equipment was utilized to do it. For more information on our professional water damage restoration services, contact Clean Machine today.